Cinnamon Tincture and Liqueur

I love cinnamon. I put it in everything I can get away with, including a sprinkle in my coffee every morning. Turns out, not only is cinnamon delicious, it’s also good for you.

This blog entry is from herbalist extraordinaire, Kate Temple-West of Friendly Herbalist. She’s much better suited to talk about the virtues of cinnamon. Thanks, Kate! Be sure to check out her site at: She plans to start a blog soon, so stay tuned.

From Kate:
Cinnamon is a delicious warming spice with many culinary and medicinal uses. It is excellent for circulation, and is especially helpful for people with perpetual cold hands and feet. In both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda it is used to ward off colds. It is diaphoretic, (opens the pores and helps you to sweat), which helps to remove toxins and other impurities from the body. It is anti-bacterial, helps to regulate blood sugar, is pain relieving, promotes digestion, and eases muscle tension. It is astringent (drying), and is helpful in cases of diarrhea by sprinkling it on top of a stewed green apple. It makes a good mouth wash for bleeding gums. Needless to say these facts are no substitute for a doctor, but they are still useful to know in a pinch, since pretty much everyone has some cinnamon powder in their kitchen somewhere.

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  2. ellen says:

    yay! two of my amazing friends in one spot! the hot chocolate sounds fantastic.

  3. Wow! Good thing I found this, with just a few days before Valentines day! It would make a great gift at the office! Thanks for posting this!

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