Rhubarb Soda and Rhubarb Ice Tea

I’ve been lucky enough to get two armloads of rhubarb lately. I picked the second bunch from my friend Hudson’s ancient rhubarb patch. What a beauty!

Rhubarb Soda
4 cups rhubarb, roughly chopped
1 to 2 cup sugar (depending if you want a sweet or tart soda)
3 cups water
Seltzer or other fizzy water

-Place rhubarb, water and 1 cup of sugar in saucepan. Bring to a boil.
-Turn heat down and cook until rhubarb falls apart. Taste and adjust the sweetness.
-Strain and chill the syrup. (I keep the cooked down rhubarb and throw it in muffins.)
-Serve over ice with seltzer.

Rhubarb Ice Tea
-Follow the recipe for rhubarb soda.
-Add three tea bags to the syrup while it is cooling. I like to use Earl Grey.
-Dilute with 2 quarts of water.
-Serve over ice


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