Eggs are nature’s perfect little package of protein. At around 70 calories each, eggs are also a good source of vitamins (B, A, E) minerals (selenium), choline (linked with preserving memory) and carotenoids. And you’ve got to love the price. A dozen of regular eggs check in under $2. So called “designer” eggs run as much as $5, but are still a bargain considering a family of four can get two meals out of a carton.

The breed of a hen determines the color of the eggshell. Ashley Loeher of Germantown Community Farms in New York said it is their Araucana hens that are responsible for the beautiful blue eggs they sell (no Easter egg dye needed for these).

Katie Bogdanffy of Feather Ridge said they primarily raise Rhode Island Reds, which produce brown eggs. They also have Leghorn chickens, (now I know how Foghorn Leghorn got his name) which produce white eggs.

What a hen eats determines the color of the yolk. A free-range hen’s egg yolk will change with the seasons. In the spring/summer free-range hens’ yolks are bright orange in color and especially tasty (and packed with more vitamins than a pale-yellow yolk).

I think it is important to pay attention to what our food is being fed—garbage in, garbage out. Conversely, good stuff in, good stuff out. Case in point, the farmers at Feather Ridge feed some of their chickens flax seeds. The result: eggs that have 350 mg of Omega 3’s per egg. Feather Ridge also mills all the grains they feed their hens. I like that.

Health wise, eggs sometimes get a bad rap. The thinking on the health value of eggs has flip-flopped. Once deemed a cholesterol-raising nightmare, scientists are now telling us that eggs may not be the culprit (trans fats are the offender du jour). Stick around a few more years, and I’m sure we’ll hear something else. Everything in moderation is my motto, though this week, my husband and I have not been moderate about our egg consumption.

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  1. Kristen says:

    I have been reading and learning from your column for some time now… glad I finally looked at and have subscribed to your blog. There is even more here I can learn. You are the type of cook I aspire to be… everything fresh, homemade, seasonal, and local as possible. Thank you for great tips, recipes, and ideas on what to do with “the basics.” For years, my own motto has been “everything in moderation” so I was thrilled to see it is yours, as well– makes perfect sense. Thank you for your inspiration in the kitchen and please keep it coming!

  2. kara says:

    Thanks for reading (column AND blog), Kristen. Your comment made my day!

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