Yep, Onion Sandwiches!

onion SandwichDid you catch the NPR story about a retired postal worker? After 37 years on the job, Chester Reed recently retired from the post office. What is remarkable about the story is that he never called in sick. Never. He wracked up 3,856 hours of sick leave. The other remarkable thing is that Chester is 95 years old.

When asked what his secret was, he quickly replied, “Garlic. And onion sandwiches.” Chester’s recipe is to take two slices of bread, put lots of mayonnaise on both slices, cut a “great big slice of onion” and put it between the bread and eat it!

Of course, being an onion lover, I had to make one. And then I had to make another version that my neighbor John told me about. Instead of mayo, one bread slice gets peanut butter (yes, that’s right, peanut butter) and the other gets mustard. Yu-um!

To your health!

Worth a listen: Postal Worker Retires At 95, Onion Sandwich In Hand

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