Fall Farmers Markets

I started to write this article this past spring. I glanced at the calendar and noticed that it is September. Is anyone else wondering where the summer went? I certainly am.

As excited as I am every May for the return of farmers markets, it’s really the late summer and early fall that is my favorite time to go to them. The tomatoes and peaches are still around while all of the fall crops are starting to elbow their way in. The tables are crowded. It’s truly a cornucopia of fresh food.

When I go to the grocery store, I have a list. I go with purpose, want to get what is on my list and get out. That is the opposite of how I shop at farmers markets.

For the farmers market, I like to go without an agenda. I may hope that the plums are still there, or that the winter squash has started to come in, but I never go with a list. I like to be inspired by what looks particularly good that day.

I like to wander around the market and linger about before I buy anything. I want to see all of my options before then I start to formulate meal ideas. Dinner plans revolve around what I pick up at the market.

This past weekend, I went to the Catskill Farmers’ Market. This year it was moved from the Catskill Point to smack in the middle of Main Street. I like the change. I’ve always thought that downtown Catskill looks like a movie set. The white tents and live music add a festive feel to the cute town.

If you have a freezer or know your way around a pressure cooker, stock up. I’m always happy to grab locally grown produce out of my freezer in February.

Go out this weekend to your farmers market or local farm stand and soak it in. I’m guessing this fall will pass by with the same speed that summer did, so no lollygagging!

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