It’s not too late: Make your own tasty food gifts

Here are some past post with food as gift ideas:
Homemade Vanilla Extract
Spicy Hot Chocolate Mix
Homemade Maple Marshmallows
Cinnamon Tincture and Liqueur
Homemade Maple Granola
Homemade Crystallized Ginger & Syrup
Spicy Mustard
Pasteli: Sesame Honey Candy
Almond Joy knock-offs
Maple Pralines (without white sugar)
Maple Turtles (without white sugar)
Peanut Butter Cups (no refined sugar)

Nourishing Gourmet, also has a great list of gift ideas!

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  1. Yaret says:

    Love oats for brekafast, so comforting. I always have mine plain topped with crunchy oats, yours looks so much more inviting!

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