Cream Cheese and Whey

Here’s what you need:

-Plain yogurt (I use whole milk yogurt, the amount you want to use doesn’t matter)
-a bowl (large enough for strainer to rest on)
-a clean dishtowel (not terrycloth, something smooth like a floursack towel)
-a sieve or strainer

1. Place the strainer over the bowl.
2. Line the strainer with the clean dishtowel.
3. Dump the yogurt in the strainer.
4. Cover the bowl with another towel and let it sit until all the whey has drained. Be sure that the strainer is not sitting in the whey. I usually let it sit out overnight.

5. When there isn’t any more whey dripping, your cream cheese is done. Scoop it out with a rubber spatula and place in a container. Add sea salt to taste. This will keep in the fridge for about a week
7. Place the whey in a jar and keep in the fridge. The whey will keep for about a month.

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